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May 8, 2019 - 32nd Annual WVNEC Symposium:  Ethical Issues in Mental Health - Stonewall Resort in Roanoke, WV

Healthcare ethics tends to focus on matters of life and death, especially at the beginning and end of life, and sometimes on the treatment of those whose cognitive capacity is diminished by illness or disability, but much less on mental health per se. Medical professionals often lack education and training on how to preserve to the greatest extent possible the autonomous decision-making rights of patients with mental health disorders (MHD). The symposium will center around the ethical duty of health providers to maximize opportunities for people with MHD to direct their own healthcare including the use of mental health advance directives as tools to empower patients to maintain control over their mental health treatment decisions during mental health crises. The keynote speaker, Pulitzer Prize winner Pam Belluck of the New York Times (NYT), will discuss her research that resulted in an insightful December 4, 2018 article in the Health Section of the NYT, “Now Mental Health Patients Can Specify Their Care Before Hallucinations and Voices Overwhelm Them.” This symposium will also present the newly developed West Virginia mental health advance directive, proposed legislation to amend it into the West Virginia Health Care Decisions Act, and a panel discussing ethics consultation for a patient with a mental health disorder and highlighting the ethical issues in such consults. Rounding out the day will be talks on 1) the vulnerability to exploitation and abuse by surrogates, 2) the stigma of patients with mental health disorders, and 3) the ever popular breakout groups for discussion of challenging cases.

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